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what's the music like - the kind of stuff we like to play

Collage of photos of the band on stageOf course the first thing anybody wants to know about any band is 'what sort of music do they play?'

Our music is hard to label but is influenced by rhythm & blues, funk, rock, and what is now broadly known as Americana.

Interestingly, we use exactly the same set of notes as that used in the past by famous composers such as Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Gershwin, Lennon and McCartney, Dylan and even Chris deBurgh! Though not in the same order. Or at the same time. And Nosmo often doesn't use any notes at all.

This traditional use (or non-use in Nosmo's case) of 'notes' has been known to produce an interesting fusion of rhythm & blues, funk and soul mixed in with more modern influences. When it becomes all about the sonics. Think Robert Johnson meets the Allman Brothers Band meets Television meets Neil Young and Crazy Horse meets the Talking Heads meets Curtis Mayfield meets Westlife. Actually, on second thoughts, probably not Westlife. Though you never know...

Seriously, it's all original material, written by Steve. We believe in well-crafted songs with that blues/soul/funk backbone but incorporating many other styles and influences from all eras. No airs and graces - we're all about listening to each other and simply playing the music that we love with skill and passion and commitment, but most of all a huge sense of fun. And we believe that communicates itself to our audiences.

The Allman's used to have a phrase they used when everything just locked into place and the band really started grooving as a single, connected entity - 'hittin' the note' - and that philosophy is at the heart of what we try to achieve on stage. The set list switches from neatly-crafted songs to extended, improvisational excursions into unrehearsed territory, pushed along all the time by Bern and Nosmo's solid-as-a-rock bass and drums... and that's when magic stuff can start to happen.

We love what we do, and we hope that you will too...

You can see our current set-list here, and get a flavour of the sort of music that we're likely to play during a gig.