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The songs - set list, lyrics and downloads

A pen with ink splattersShining Examples' current set list

Original songs...

Blow Your Blues Away (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Use the blues to lose your blues!

"I woke up this mornin', sunshine streaming in, I said "Hello Satan, where the Hell have you been?"

Sold In Heaven (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Funk-driven soul

"So many people lose the lovers' touch when their world gives in..."

One Mistake (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
We flirt with blues-rock as people come to grief...

"...seen a presentation, but never seen the plans, number unobtainable as money changes hands"

Whistle-stop Bliss (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Swinging, full harmony, arm round the shoulder...

"Home sweet home, in a tender trap."

Heading North (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Bitter-sweet end-of-relationship song with a mystery spice.

"...fading into the distance, could I have begged you to stay?"

What to Believe (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Ever been disillusioned with the powers that be? We have!

"Truth should be more than just little white lies..."

Calendar Blues (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
A huge prowling beast of a jam. On the limit guitar and soulful slide marking the march of time and unfulfillment.

"I never thought I'd get so far away from myself"

Room Full of Flowers (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Man's relentless inhumanity to the innocent set to a Fats Domino swing.

"One more Darkest Hour, soon forgotten in all but name."

Saved (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
As fast as we go. Bern 'n' Nosmo's full-throttle boogie underpinning Jon's monster riff and Steve's funky slide. A guide on how to sidestep life.

"I've got a theatre in my home, I can take pictures on a mobile phone!!"

Love Under Pressure (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples).
Respect is due to Howlin Wolf. A slow, pulsing tale of forbidden love, all spiky guitar, eerie harmonies and swampy wah-wah.

"If I gave you the money, the time and the place, would you sneak past your mother, future in a suitcase?"

Tears Are Easy (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Drivin' dancefloor stomper with a message...

"I don't want a lot, I want.. just enough."

Long Hard Letter (Steve Mitchell)
Solo, acoustic lament.

"I wrote a long, hard letter, I can never send...."

Paper Thin (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Another set of faces but the same old broken promises.

"Crawl away and shed your skin...."

Own Back (Steve Mitchell & Shining Examples)
Crashing funk with revenge in mind. But who's the victim?

"How can you face another day in this decay?"

And more originals in production as we speak...

And the cover versions...

Unmade Love (David McComb)
A fantastic song by the Australian band 'The Triffids', telling a dark and sinister love story...

"...placed on probation from your limbs"

Worried Life Blues (Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell)
Our hero Fred's not happy with the missus. We're grooving away and stretching out with bawlin' blues and howlin' slide guitar.

Police Dog Blues (Blind Blake)
If you're unlucky and we're drunk, you might just hear this one night. Fuzzed up ragtime guitar and random New Orleans drumbeats played backwards anyone?